Ice Pick Acne Scars- A Challenge For Modern Science

Acne is considered as the disease seen among teenagers mostly.  The most common feared complication of the acne is scars. Ice pick acne scars are the worst kind of acne scars. They are the end result of either untreated or the lack of the proper acne treatment. These are characterized as the narrow and sharp scars. Such acne scars are too deep and have a smaller diameter with a depressed centre. The depth of this kind of scars is the most problematic because it extends into the deeper layers of skin making it resistant to most acne treatments. These scars are the most common type of acne scars. They have deep pits which become narrow towards the surface of the skin. These scars are the remnants of cystic acne, a type of acne containing fluid.

Ice Pick Acne Scars 300x121 Ice Pick Acne Scars  A Challenge For Modern ScienceAcne has lot of adverse effects, the most worst being the psychological ones. People suffering from acne consider it very agonizing and they start to avoid their friendly gatherings. They feel that they are not among others. And this thinking disturbs their routine life and shatters their confidence. So it is always advisable to treat acne before it leaves the permanent marks which adversely effects performance of the victim. Many people try a lot of home remedies without knowing their skin type which further aggravates their problem.

The recommended treatment for Ice Pick Acne ranges from the laser to the surgery, and as far as the ice pick acne best treatment involves the combined microsurgery known as punch excision along with grafting larger scars in addition to laser resurfacing also known as dermabrasion. The scientists are also considering the option of using some herbal creams which will dissolve acne, but the pracitcal implementation of this is not yet found. If this will prove successful then a lot of people will be able to get rid of acne without undergoing cumbersome  and painful procedure of surgery for the acne scars.

And before going for the surgery it is very important to know the exact depth of your scars. Because on rare occassions the scars are superficial and the person having them can be treated successfully with the laser only. So if you ask your doctor about the depth of your scars before letting him operate on them, I think you are favoring yourself by making sure you are the candidate for the surgery.

Many patients visit the doctor and tell him to givet them their desired treatment as they know that treatment, benefited their friend or someone else. This is never the right optiton. Additionally many people are using at home microdermabrasion soultion to treat acne which is not advisable because the expertise required are beyond knowledge of a common man. Let your doctor decide in your best interest. Because a doctor  knows what is the right option for the type of scars a person has.
Ice pick scars should be treated before they leave a permanent mark on the mind of the person.

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