Home Remedies For Ice Pick Acne Scars- Scars Are Not A Problem Anymore

These are the most predominant type of acne scars. They are very obvious because of their typical crater like appearance. The scars might look very superficial because they appear like a tiny hole to the naked eye but in fact they are very deep. They are very difficult to treat because most of the treatments rely on the sloughing of superficial layers of the skin. But in ice pick scars the problem skin is the deeper skin. The purpose of this article is to acknowledge you with the most common and effective treatments for the ice pick acne scars.

Ice Pick Acne Scars2 Home Remedies For Ice Pick Acne Scars  Scars Are Not A Problem Anymore

Home remedies work best on the mild acne scars. But if having severe degree of acne scars, one should keep on using the following remedies for the longer period of time to get the desirable effects.

Rose water is well known and easily available product. It helps in resurfacing skin in a natural way, by increasing the blood flow to the skin which not only keeps the skin fresh but also well enhances the regenerating capacity of skin and hence speeding up the process of healing of scars. Additionally it nourishes the skin and slows the signs of aging in a person. Strawberries contain salicylic which plays role in the speeding up the recovery of skin and hence the scarring is also halted.

Also the salicylic acid is the antibacterial agent which helps in killing bacteria which are the principle causative agents of acne. So the salicylic acid not only decreases the number of present scars but also the plays n a very vital role in the prevention of future acne eruptions. Oat meal and honey mixture also serve the similar dual purpose of reducing acne scars and preventing the eruption of acne. Apple cider vinegar is also worth mentioning. Applying very little amount of apple cider vinegar to the skin, is also very useful remedy. It acts in a miraculous way. It should be specifically applied on the scarred skin and twice a day.  Honey, warm milk and turmeric is the best possible moisturizer and it works best to fight the bacteria that are causative agents for acne.

People think that the obvious cause of acne is the moisture and oil on the skin. So they wash their face frequently with very dry and oil free face washes. Did it solve your problem? If your answer is no and you don’t know the reason behind this, is that this process of excessive washing of facing, wipes away the protective oil from the skin, making skin more vulnerable to the acne and promoting more acne outbreaks.

So, acne is not a disease which cannot be treated. One should save money and make the sensible use of easily available home remedies which are not only cost effective but also works best to solve the problem of acne scars. Moreover the new laser, which costs a lot of money is used frequently in the hospital settings to clear acne scars. But before using it make sure that you have tried all the home remedies outlined above.

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